Success Stories

  • Brian and Sue

    Generating clean energy and a passive income to offset a home-based business. Brian and Sue have fallen in love with their neighbourhood and anticipate remaining in this home for years to come. With Sue’s in-home business, the family sought new opportunities to make the most of their rooftop and participate [...]

    We strongly recommend selecting a solar partner who will answer your questions, provide you with the best options for your home and be available for regular Operations & Maintenance (O&M) of your system for years to come. We are delighted to have made this investment in our home and excited to see the [...]
  • Jeremy and Carla

    The Ontario Green Energy Act brought homeowners Jeremy & Carla the opportunity to join the green movement by signing up for the microFIT program. This young family chose to go solar for its environmental benefits and to generate a passive income for the energy produced right from their rooftop. Given [...]

    Once people understand the returns of investing in solar and find a partner like EthoEnergy, the case for going solar becomes clear. We are strong believers in the importance of renewables in the energy mix for our community. The microFIT program enables us to be a part of the Province’s long-term [...]
  • Mike and Jana

    Designing a solar installation to maximize on limited roof footprint with shading concerns. Mike and Jana learned about solar through neighbours who had invested in an EthoEnergy system. Once they understood the benefits and opportunities within the Ontario microFIT program, Mike and Jana acted quickly [...]

    As a couple excited about clean energy, the potential to meet growing energy needs as well as invest in a Canadian company, it was easy for us to get involved in the microFIT program and install solar on our home. We love the way it looks and are proud to take part in the ideal of sustainable living [...]
  • Haley and Tom

    Designing a solar system that made the most out of sunlight exposure and will last for years to come. Haley and Tom have a busy household as two full time working parents of two very athletic boys. Concerned about the aesthetic and available roof space, they needed a system that was going to maximize [...]

    Tom and I were excited to take the leap and invest in clean energy. The microFIT program provided us the opportunity to do just this. Generating renewable power right from our rooftop is something we are proud of and have used it as a great lesson for our children. As a family we can make a difference [...]
  • Dale and Josée

    As a young family in a growing community with three active children, Dale and Josée sought to join the green movement and participate in the Ontario microFIT program. They wished to make a wise investment in their home while applying sustainability principles. [...]

    For us, solar was a natural choice. We consider ourselves financially prudent people while also acting as early adopters. The complete system EthoEnergy provided us along with the returns of the microFIT program has made us a family of very satisfied customers. The additional income has enabled Josée [...]